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GAB Endoscopy Center Ltd Services

Some of the services we offer include:

Endoscopic Examination - An endoscopic examination is a medical procedure where the physician uses an instrument called an endoscope to see into the body. There is a chart that shows which type of endoscopes are used for which parts of the body.

Colonscopic Examination – This procedure will allow doctors to examine the inner lining of the large intestine.

Capsule Endoscopy – This procedure is used to record images of the digestive tract. The patient swallows a small capsule the same size and shape as a normal pill. Inside the capsule there is a small camera that takes the pictures as it passes through the patient’s gastrointestinal tract.

Hemorrhoid Treatments – Minimally invasive treatments include rubber band ligation (the use of tiny rubber bands put around the base of the hemorrhoid to cut off circulation), injection or sclerotherapy (a chemical solution is inserted into the hemorrhoid to shrink it), and coagulation (using lasers, infrared light, or heath that causes hemorrhoids to harden and shrivel). There are also surgical treatments for severe cases such as removal and stapling.

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